What Rank Is Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu? (Solved & Explained)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most useful grappling martial arts to learn. It is a fantastic discipline where practitioners earn several colored blets, including the BJJ purple belt, to certify their progress. So, you’re probably wondering, what rank is a purple belt in jiu-jitsu?

A purple belt is an advanced intermediate rank level in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that follows the white and blue belts while advancing in this beautiful martial art. It represents practitioners who have been practicing BJJ for many years (at least four years) with three or more training sessions per week.

This post will reveal more fascinating facts about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt. Among other fascinating topics, we’ll talk about how long it will take you to earn a purple belt, etc. Stay tuned!

What Does a Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt Mean?

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The purple belt is the third rank in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system. It comes after the blue belt and before the brown belt. Otherwise, it denotes advanced intermediate practitioners training in BJJ for at least four years.

Purple belts are tough guys well-versed in various techniques from various vantage points. As a result, they can devise an elaborate strategy to defeat lower-rank opponents and even certain higher-rank opponents.

How Long to Get a Purple Belt in BJJ?

On average, obtaining a purple belt in BJJ takes four years of committed training since your first day on the mat. Despite this, a considerable percentage of BJJ practitioners, particularly those with a solid martial arts background, have reached the rank of purple belt in less than four years.

On the other hand, the amount of time necessary for the purple belt rank may vary based on the requirements of each jiu-jitsu academy. Otherwise, students must demonstrate to their coaches that they deserve this rank by mastering highly refined techniques.

How Hard Is It to Get a Purple Belt in BJJ?

Receiving the BJJ purple belt is tricky since you need to demonstrate a high ability level. Therefore, you need to develop a solid Brazilian jiu-jitsu strategy, acquire a broader information base, and master exceedingly sophisticated techniques.

Purple belts have proven a more remarkable ability and devotion to jiu-jitsu than white or blue belts. Otherwise, They have completed half of the journey toward the ultimate objective of the black belt.

The purple belt is an advanced intermediate rank (bridge rank) since it is in the middle of the spectrum between beginner and expert.

How Good Is a BJJ Purple Belt?

Purple belts have spent years on the mat sharpening and polishing their Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As a result, they are advanced and severe practitioners with established tactics and strategies.

Regarding techniques and tactics, purple belts with more expertise may equal black belts with less experience. In other words, they have received the necessary understanding that will give them a decent chance of defeating a regular black belt if they follow the appropriate strategy.

Furthermore, they are skilled enough to deal with most lower belts (white to blue belts) in any jiu-jitsu school because of their years of expertise.

Nonetheless, most purple belts are tough and devoted individuals with a feeling of duty to enhance their overall performance and assist lower ranks in becoming stronger at jiu-jitsu.

What to Focus on as a BJJ Purple Belt?

The initial aim of bright purple belts is to perfect their games and methods to get the best possible positioning and sequence.

Purple belts should be conscious of one’s weak areas and begin improving them immediately. Otherwise, they should put more time and effort into developing their bottom and top games, which should be in a healthy balance.

Furthermore, Purple belts should start working on their A-class game containing their best and favorite effective techniques and movements to prepare for high-level competitions.

Therefore, they should improve their best postures, stances, and procedures to become more efficient in a fight.

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BJJ Purple Belt Vs. Untrained Which One Will Win?

A purple belt will easily defeat an untrained opponent, whether standing or on the ground.

Purple belts have spent many years on the mats, redefining and perfecting their fighting skills.

On the other hand, untrained individuals will struggle to protect or comprehend themselves using effective defensive or offensive strategies.

Purple belts also know how to deal with their opponents utilizing various approaches. Although an unskilled individual may suffer much due to a lack of combat skills, he will swiftly lose energy.

Purple Belt Vs. White Belt Which One Will Win?

A purple belt can easily defeat a white belt in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match. This is because a purple belt is a more experienced and advanced fighter who understands a broader range of BJJ techniques than a white belt.

The white belt is the first rank awarded to new BJJ martial arts students. As a result, white belts have a limited understanding of basic jiu-jitsu positions, techniques, and so on.

As a result, white belts are ineffective in performing the various BJJ movements because they lack mobility and need more practice time to get better. Otherwise, they less switch to attack and consume much energy to carry out the different movements.

On the other hand, purple belts are more advanced practitioners who have spent years studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As a result, they understand a more comprehensive set of techniques than a white belt.

BJJ Purple Belt Vs. Blue Belt Which One Will Win?

A purple belt has a high chance of winning against a blue belt in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fight. This is because a purple belt is a more experienced jiu-jitsu practitioner with a more extensive repertory of techniques than a blue belt.

The purple belt is a more advanced rank compared to the blue belt. This is because it takes around four years of dedicated training to reach the level of the purple belt. 

However, Obtaining a blue belt takes an average of two years of BJJ practice. The result of this is that a purple belt has additional years of experience in Brazilian jiu-jitsu than a blue belt.

As a result, a purple belt has a greater understanding of techniques than a blue belt. And he is more effective when performing numerous techniques from multiple positions in jiu-jitsu.

Final Thoughts

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most excellent grappling martial arts since it offers such beautiful techniques. Aside from that, BJJ has a unique ranking system with many colored belts, including the purple belt. 

We’ve learned a lot about the purple belt level in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in this article; here’s a brief recap:

  • A purple belt is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt rank between blue and brown belts.
  • To get a BJJ purple belt, you must commit to at least three weekly training sessions for four to five years.
  • Purple belts are proficient in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with extensive knowledge equivalent to less experienced black belts.
  • A purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a formidable and consistent combatant with a strong mentality.
  • Over the years, purple belts have refined and enhanced their skills to build the best game that suits them best. So they can defeat even the most formidable opponents.
  • Purple belts have spent years developing and perfecting their talents to create the best game that fits them the best. As a result, they can defeat even the most challenging opponents.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning more about the purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Have excellent training!

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