The jiu-jitsu belt ranking system serves to indicate the level of a practitioner’s experience. The belt ranking in jiu jitsu is ranged from the novice levels of a white and blue jiu-jitsu belts to the intermediate level of purple to the advanced rankings of brown and black. The following is an indication of what a student should look for at each BJJ belt level.

jiu-jitsu belt ranking
jiu-jitsu belt ranking

What are the BJJ belts Ranks?

Jiu Jitsu white belt

white belt ranking in jiu jitsu
white belt ranking in jiu jitsu

What is the BJJ white belt first purpose?

I compare the BJJ white belt rank to the beginning of the life cycle, from birth to socialization. The white belt’s first purpose is ‘focus and train’. I believe white belts should be exposed to all the possible attacks, and moves that jiu-jitsu entails because I want them to become aware of how to do everything correctly to progress.

Do you agree that some moves are too advanced for BJJ white belt?

I disagree. I think that part of a white belt’s foundation is to know all the aspects of jiu-jitsu. Although the white belt cannot dive into the intricacies of every little thing but must start with proper fundamentals, knowledge of what those intricacies are is necessary for progress to happen. If you are going to be attacked by it, you might as well know it. It’s a matter of learning survival. White belts won’t be able to perfect any of it until they have learned to survive.

How long does it take a BJJ white belt?

The duration of the white belt level is between ten to thirty months, depending on the student’s background. Because the transition from white to blue belt is the most important process that an individual must go through in jiu-jitsu, indeed, I make sure each student is ready for his promotion.

Some people feel that talent or athleticism should result in an instant promotion to a higher belt. You may be a good wrestler and can beat a few guys, but what about your jiu-jitsu principles and fundamentals?

I will not promote someone because he can use strength; I must see more than that. This is why I must know all my white belt ranks, and I will accompany them as they grow as people and practitioners of jiu-jitsu.

Blue Belt in BJJ

blue belt ranking in jiu jitsu
blue belt ranking in jiu jitsu

What does the BJJ blue belt mean?

Aside from the black belt, a blue belt is probably the rank in which students will spend most of their time. This is because here they start to develop their ways of doing things after they have learned the fundamentals of jiu jitsu.

The blue belt student starts to develop different Brazilian jiu-jitsu games and options and they will test everything they see until they build their own game. Therefore, the blue belt is the belt of experimentation.

In this jiu jitsu rank, students will experiment with all kinds of guards and techniques until they see what works for them. These discoveries take considerable time, and this is why a blue belt is often one of the longest processes in jiu-jitsu. 

BJJ Purple Belt

jiu-jitsu belt
purple bjj belt

What does the BJJ purple belt mean?

The purple belt is the level where a student starts to refine his technique while mentoring others. As he reflects on his journey as a blue belt level, the purple belt assists lower ranking students by teaching them to avoid the pitfalls that he experienced. In this way, purple belts need contact with blue belts.

What is BJJ purple belt purpose?

The jiu jitsu purple belt needs contact with brown belts will sharpen him, work on his speed, and push his defense. In this way, the brown belt will push a BJJ purple belt in a way that the blue belt cannot. It is a back and forth learning experience.

This is also the level where a student begins to get more access to black belts. A black belt can challenge the purple belt, and the purple belt reminds the black belt of his time spent in the toughest stage of learning. From the beginning of the purple belt to the end, the student should be getting closer to the black belt level of knowledge.

How do you get the brown belt, if you’re a blue belt rank BJJ?

To become a brown jiu-jitsu belt ranking, the purple must believe in his skill level. He doesn’t let the blue and white belts interfere with his confidence. Also, he must be respectful of his fellow students and can connect defense and offense. Once he has fulfilled this, he is ready for a brown belt.

BJJ Brown Belt

brown jiu jitsu belt ranking
brown jiu jitsu belt ranking

What is BJJ brown belt purpose?

A brown jiu-jitsu belt ranking is almost a black belt. A brown belt’s focus is on polishing the rough edges to tighten his game. This is the belt where helpful tips take a student to the next level. These tips are the only difference between brown and black jiu-jitsu belts.

For a brown belt, the important lessons sound like, “Move a little more to this site when you’re in this position” These small things will make all the difference in the way to become a black belt.

This is why it is important to have black belts around. They are veterans who have already been there and have seen everything students will see.

Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu

jiu-jitsu belts

The black belt represents a jiu jitsu practitioner who has practiced this grappling martial art discipline for several years. Thus, he or she has accumulated a large BJJ experience with high technical level and practical skills. Therefore, the BJJ black belts have the basic knowledge to teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes within the right way and appropriate methods.

Otherwise, not everybody is eligible for a black belt in jiu jitsu, because the IBJJF requires that a student must have at least 19 years old with at least one year as a BJJ brown belt.

The black belt is composed of nine different degrees of experience, where the practitioner must have a minimum of three years of jiu jitsu practice and teaching before moving to the next rank level.

Otherwise, the black belt seventh degree and eighth-degree ranks are commonly defined as a coral belt BJJ martial art and the ninth degree black belt is represented with a red belt.

What does it mean to be a black belts in jiu-jitsu?

source: Chewjitsu

Coral belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The coral belt is a rank that a jiu jitsu black belt will achieve after the sixth-degree. Otherwise, the coral belt represents the seventh and eighth-degree black belt rank. The BJJ coral belts can be represented with two types of belts:

  • Red and Black Belt

The BJJ red and black belt (coral belt) represents a seventh-degree black belt jiu jitsu practitioner with at least thirty years of practice and teaching as an active black belt. Otherwise, the IBJJF requires that red and black belt students are eligible to move up to the next rank only if they pass a minimum of seven years of jiu jitsu training and teaching at this rank.

  • Red and white belt

The jiu jitsu red and white belt (coral belt) represents an eighth-degree black belt BJJ practitioner with at least thirty-seven years of practice and teaching as an active black belt. Otherwise, the IBJJF requires that the red and white belt students are eligible to move up to the next rank only if they pass a minimum of ten years of jiu jitsu training and teaching at this rank.

Red belt in BJJ

bjj red belt

The Red Belt may be the highest rank in BJJ which refers to a Grand Master who had reached the 9th or 10th-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu martial art, that’s almost quite 50 years of BJJ experience and practice.

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Youth BJJ belts Levels

youth bjj belts

Youth Brazilian jiu jitsu students (from fourteen to fifteen years old) can receive colored belts that show their BJJ progress both in learning and practice. These youth belts are earned when the toddler begin training Brazilian jiu-jitsu (white belt), but before earning a blue belt which may only be awarded to practitioner older than 16 years.

Otherwise, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) eligible 5 youth belt levels (white, gray, yellow, orange, and green). Check out the picture above for more details about the youth Brazilian jiu jitsu belts and progression time.

Source: NABJJF


The BJJ belt ranks denote the amount of knowledge of a practitioner of Brazilian jiu jitsu martial art. These jiu jitsu belts are the white belt, blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, black belt, coral belt, and red belt by chronology.  Though, the practitioner gain more technical skills and better understanding of the art of jiu jitsu while moving from a BJJ level to the next one.


What is the BJJ belt system?

The BJJ belt ranking system serves to point the extent of a practitioner’s experience. It is ranged from the novice levels of white and blue belts to the intermediate level of purple to the advanced rankings of brown and black belts. Otherwise, the jiu jitsu belt ranking denotes what a student should reach at each BJJ level.

What does it mean to be a black belts in jiu-jitsu?

The black belt means a lot for any Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner because he or she has worked hard to achieve this most wanted BJJ belt rank, it has taken him or her several years of jiu-jitsu grappling martial art practice though.



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