No Gi Armbar From Guard Step By Step

no gi armbar from guard

The no gi armbar from guard is among the basic jiu jitsu submissions that every BJJ practitioner should know about. Indeed, the arm bar from guard No-Gi is an effective submission move that is used largely in several Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments, and also in UFC and MMA competitions. So, how do you do the NoGi armbar from the guard?


First, what does the no gi armbar from guard mean? The no-gi armbar from the guard may be an arm-lock attack that the practitioner can execute from the closed guard position in no-gi jiu jitsu sparring or match.

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jiu jitsu armbar

And, what is the meaning of armbar in Jiu-Jitsu? The armbar is one of the basic arm-lock submissions in grappling martial arts. Indeed, it is also used in other martial arts disciplines including Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, etc. Otherwise, the arm bar is an elbow’s hyperextension that can cause massive pain and damage the opponent’s elbow when it’s done explosively.

What does closed guard mean in BJJ grappling? The closed guard is among the primary positions thought to be in BJJ martial arts. It’s a jiu jitsu position where the bottom practitioner uses both legs wrapped around their opponent.

Otherwise, the guard represents the niche of many submission techniques or position transitions thought to every Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner including the white belts.

No gi armbar from guard tutorial

Now, let’s take you right away to the armbar from the guard no-gi tutorial by John Danaher. 

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Learn more from Professor John Danaher.

You can also take a glance at these tips and steps on how to do the nogi armbar from closed guard.

  1. Reach the guard position and maintain it.
  2. Choose one opponent’s arm to attack, then grip the wrist, so your opponent can’t detect movement (this is crucial if you want to process the submission properly). You can also use the action-reaction principle to shift your opponent’s concentration elsewhere.
  3. Use your legs to interrupt your opponent’s posture. Meanwhile, isolate the arm.
  4. Use one of your free hands to control the isolated opponent’s arm (you can grip the arm triceps). And, on the other hand, to control the opponent’s head.
  5. Open the guard. Then, use your legs to shift your hips by creating a 90-degree angle within your opponent.
  6. Move one of your legs one to regulate the opponent’s head and therefore the other among his chest to control the upper body.
  7. Confirm that the elbow of the attacked arm is on your hips. Then, make it so tight by squeezing your legs.
  8. Finish the nogi armbar from guard by moving your hips up and wrist down to hyperextend the elbow.

how to armbar from the closed guard

We hope that this Brazilian jiu jitsu tutorial was very helpful for you to properly complete the armbar submission from the guard in No Gi BJJ.

Speak your mind; do you use the jiu-jitsu nogi armbar in your game?  

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