How To Survive the BJJ Mount Position for Beginners

How To Survive the BJJ Mount Position for Beginners

How to survive the BJJ mount? The BJJ Mount is a marquee position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is the most dominant and real proof of the BJJ technique for the person who has attained it. So when jiu jitsu practitioner takes the Mount, one can assume that he has overcome all defenses and quite possibly is more knowledgeable or skilled in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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Your posture is key to surviving the BJJ mount

The posture is the key to surviving the BJJ mount. And it incorporates the following elements: defensive bumping, side posture, blocking the hips, and flattening the bottom leg.

As you get better at using these elements you will see and feel that it leads to predictable outcomes and discomfort for the opponent on top. Both of which are key elements to any survival game plan.

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Drill to survive the Jiu-Jitsu Mount

The ability to survive the jiu-jitsu mount depends on your ability to get on your side when fighting from the bottom of the Mount.

And the quicker you get to this the better you will defend. To do so, you need to work on this simple drill to stimulate your muscle memory. 

With my back flat on the mat, I prepare my hands in a defensive position and bend my knees for the coming movement. It’s difficult to survive the BJJ mount in this position because my BJJ opponent has the option of attacking either side of my body.

Using my right leg, I slightly push off the mat to elevate my hips and lighten my left leg. I shrimp my hips slightly to the right so my body now faces slightly to the left.

Once I have established the Mount Defense Posture. I must keep my hands in defensive readiness while I cocoon my body to further cement my base.

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Jiu-Jitsu Mount Defense Posture

There is a very limited window of opportunity in which you can safely transition into the defensive posture before you feel the pressure of your jiu jitsu opponent locking himself into his superior position.

So take the right moves when your jiu jitsu partner drives forward into the Mount, by doing this your jiu jitsu practitioner will find himself in an awkward BJJ position instead of a dominant one. This is the essence of flowing into the mount survival.

When you are drilling these BJJ techniques. Try to have your jiu jitsu opponent step into the mount from half guard, side control, and knee-on-belly.

So you can develop your timing faster, you will have to bear less weight. 

BJJ Mount Choke defense

Whether you are late in your mount defense or early. Chances are high that your jiu jitsu practitioner will likely grab your collar. And attempt a choke or to gain some control.

More likely your jiu jitsu opponent invariably will grab for your exposed collar, and try a choke when you positioning yourself on your side. One hand in the collar is okay, just as long as you do not allow for two or the further progression of your partner’s technique.

Besides, to conquer the choke you must follow the Choking Rule, which is simply turning to face your jiu jitsu opponent’s attacking elbow.

Jiu-jitsu Seated Mount Survival

survive the bjj mount

One of my favorite things about how to survive the BJJ mount is that it leads my BJJ opponents to attack my top collar. And from there I can initiate a quick and easy escape.

However, some experienced jiu jitsu practitioners immediately sense danger from my bottom leg and preemptively react to make sure I cannot elbow escape. 

The jiu jitsu seated mount is a great position for attacks like armbar, back chokes, etc.

So as a BJJ fighter the main goal is to prevent submissions and less favorable positions, as well as to provide a platform from which to launch the escape plan.

Common Jiu-Jitsu Mount Defense Mistakes

Straight Arm Push

For the newer jiu jitsu practitioner, the Mount is a scary BJJ position. To combat this suffocating feeling.

You will instinctively push your opponent, thinking that this will alleviate the pressure.

But instead of making your life easier, it actually makes it more difficult in four ways. 

Double Underhook Hug

You may feel while hugging your BJJ partner that your neck is hidden from choke attempts. you think that you survive the BJJ mount.

But both your arms are exposed to arm locks and once again your opponent can take a very controlling high mount. Besides, your opponent can apply more pressure on your solar plexus by driving his hips into your diaphragm.

Obviously, in addition to being dangerous, this is an exhausting position and should be avoided.

Pushing the Knees

In an attempt at an elbow escape. A misinformed jiu jitsu opponent will attempt to survive the BJJ mount by pushing on his opponent’s knees. Using both hands to push off like this is both easy to defend against a submission.

To stop me from pushing, my partner has to pull my grips upward off his knees. Grab the back of my neck as counter pressure. Or attack my completely exposed neck.

Remember, if both your hands are away from your neck, and your angle of posture cannot block the choke entry, you will be going to sleep soon.