How to Do the Perfect Helicopter Armbar? (Helpful Tips)

How to do the perfect helicopter armbar

The helicopter armbar may be a fashionable Brazilian jiu-jitsu submission. It was introduced to the BJJ public for the first time by the Gracie Barra black belt Braulio Estima – Much respect and love –. Then, this flashy jiu-jitsu move spreads everywhere and it is tested by several BJJ practitioners worldwide.

The armbar is an effective submission technique used to submit many jiu jitsu practitioners in the daily BJJ training and the famous tournaments. Thus, many fighters use the armbar to win several matches at the highest jiu-jitsu, UFC, MMA competitions. Therefore, the armbar is one of the first submissions generally taught to beginner grapplers martial artists.

The helicopter arm bar may be a quick, savage, fantastic, and effective submission when applied correctly. And, there are many entrances to the helicopter armbar like from the open or the De La Riva guard, the full guard with a standing opponent, and more.

If you’re in search of the helicopter armbar from De La Riva guard or other BJJ positions, these tips may help you so far.

How to Do the Perfect Helicopter Armbar in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

  1. Start by loading your opponent’s weight over you, until he’s floating over you. You need to make sure that your hips are underneath your opponent.
  2. Rock backward and roll your opponent’s weight up onto your feet and lift them.
  3. Unhook your De La Riva hook, pull the controlling arm towards you, and convey the unhooked foot around your opponent’s head.
  4. Tap with the other foot on the opponent’s hip to create a rotation.
  5. Finally, your jiu jitsu opponent should fall into the armbar submission smoothly. Then, finish the arm lock submission.

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source: The Grappling Academy


What is beautiful about the armbar jiu jitsu submission is that it’s one among the only and most famous jiu-jitsu gi no-gi submissions techniques. Besides, the BJJ practitioner can reach the armbars almost from everywhere including the guard, the mount, side control, the standing position, and more.

The helicopter arm bar move stands also among the foremost spectacular submission techniques in BJJ martial arts. Meanwhile, it’s a symbol of potent control over your jiu-jitsu opponent. This is the result of a plethora of Brazilian jiu jitsu principles such as “size doesn’t matter”.

Have a nice BJJ training, and don’t hesitate to go for the jiu-jitsu helicopter armbar.

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