How to Do the Inverted Armbar? (Helpful Tips)

The inverted armbar is one of the most challenging submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Therefore, you ought to learn and master this armbar variation from the beginning of your jiu-jitsu journey. As it turns out, the armbar is effective in the same way that other techniques such as Leglocks, chokes, etc.

The inverted armbar technique, in addition, is one of the most fundamental submission strategies that various fighters have used to win numerous battles in the world’s top jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts competitions.

Otherwise, This armlock technique can be performed practically from various positions, including the side control, Butterfly guard, Shawn Williams, etc.

Continue reading if you’re interested in learning how to apply the inverted armbar from various BJJ positions.

How To Do The Inverted Armbar?

Throughout the video below, Jon Satava (No-Gi World Champion) teaches you how to execute the Inverted Armbar by using your hips effectively.

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Wait! There are some more interesting facts about the inverted armbar that you should know about in the following sections. Maintain your attention for additional details.

How To Do The Inverted Armbar From Side Control?

Marcus Buchecha Almeida walks you through obtaining the ideal inverted armbar submission from the side control position in the following video.

Source: BJJ Fanatics

How To Do An Inverted Armbar From The BJJ Guard?

The video below will walk you through the process of obtaining an inverted armbar submission from the guard position.

Source: Howcast

How To Do An Inverted Armbar From Butterfly  Guard?

Throughout the following video, you’ll learn in detail how to perform the inverted armbar submission from the half butterfly guard position.

Source: Aaron Benzrihem bjj

Are There Other Armbar Types That I Should Learn?

Armbars are a common technique that any skilled jiu-jitsu practitioner may accomplish with simple movements from various BJJ positions.

Check out the following video to see some great armbars techniques that you should include in your Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

  • Armbar From S-mount Position

The armbar from mount is one of the most intriguing submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and it is one that you ought to learn.

Here’s a great article that will walk you through the process of learning different armbars from the mount position: How To Armbar From Mount?

  • Armbar From Standing Position

The standing armbar is a doubtful and deceptive BJJ martial arts submission that you should get familiar with as soon as possible.

You may learn how to properly execute the standing armbar by reading this great article: How To Perform An Armbar From Standing?

  • Armbar From The Rubber Guard Position

The rubber guard armbar is another fantastic jiu-jitsu armbar that you should learn and practice. Indeed, it is one of the most violent and complex submissions to perform in both BJJ and MMA.

In this post, you will discover more about the rubber guard, so read on and have fun: How To Rubber Guard In Jiu-Jitsu And MMA?

  • Helicopter Armbar 

The helicopter armbar is one of the most fashionable submissions in BJJ grappling. So, you ought to learn this beautiful armlock technique.

You can learn more about the helicopter armbar in this article, have fun: How To Do The Perfect Helicopter Armbar?

Suppose you’re interested to learn other variants of the armbar submissions. Here is an excellent article: 10 effective armbar variations that you should know.

Final Thoughts

The inverted armbar is one of the most creative submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it is also one of the most difficult to defend in the world of BJJ martial arts. As a result, savvy grapplers ought to get familiar with this submission and practice it from the beginning of their grappling journey.

Various fighters have used the inverted armbar submission to win several matches at the highest jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts competition.

Additionally, there are various positions, including the closed guard, mount, and side control, where you can obtain an inverted armbar.

I sincerely hope that this lesson may be helpful to you if you consider developing an effective armbar submission system.

If you could let us know if there are any more features of the inverted armbar that we may have overlooked, it would be highly appreciated. Finally, I hope you enjoyed reading this jiu-jitsu instructional and that you were able to take away something valuable from it.

Do you consider the inverted armbar to be one of your favorite BJJ submissions techniques? Please share your thoughts with us.

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