How To Do The Flying Armbar Step By Step

flying armbar

The flying armbar is one of the top famous unorthodox moves in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, UFC, Judo, and MMA. It is not a basic BJJ move that you simply can use whenever you are feeling love it. Although, if you decide to go for the flying arm bar submission, and most likely a lot of your opponents will not expect it.

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Moreover, like all Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques including the flying armbar, you have to drill the move several times to master it. besides, while doing this move make sure to not injure your jiu-jitsu partner.

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If you are wondering how to do a BJJ UFC flying armbar? So today is your lucky day, stay tuned!

How To Do A Flying Armbar in Jiu Jitsu Gi / No-Gi, MMA, and Judo?


The jiu jitsu flying armbar stands among the foremost spectacular submission techniques in mixed martial arts, UFC, and BJJ martial arts. It is quick, savage, effective, and unexpected when performed correctly.

Although, the attacker will cause an undesirable injury if he could not perform the flying arm bar properly. So, be prudent while practicing this unorthodox move.

How To Perform Flying Armbar in BJJ, UFC, Judo, and MMA?

BJJ armbar techniques all that you need to know

During a BJJ Gi or No-Gi, Judo, Or MMA UFC fight, the flying arm bar’s set up begins for the standing position. Moreover, while you are there you may follow the set up below:

  1. Make sure to will manage the hands fighting and distance while you are at the standing position.
  2. Be the fighter who install the necessary grips for the flying arm bar. Therefore, one arm round your opponent’s head, and the other hand over wrapping the opponent’s arm.
  3. Use the BJJ action-reaction principle to cause an explosive opponent’s reaction. Here for instance you will snap down your opponent’s neck to cause a reaction.
  4. While your opponent tends to regain his or her balance/posture, you have to bring your foot and jump with one leg over the controlled arm, so it crooks into your opponent’s face.
  5. Then, keep the controlled arm’s wrist tight to your chest and slide it down.
  6. Finally, finish the flying armbar by driving up your hips to hyper-extend the opponent’s elbow.

The flying arm bar should be performed very quickly. Otherwise, this BJJ MMA move takes tons of skill, and it can end the fight even before it starts.

Otherwise, there are many YouTube videos where you will see proficient demonstrations of the flying arm bar on unsuspecting opponents. Feel free to check the instructional video below, if you are curious about seeing the flying arm bar move.

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We hope that these tips are going to help you perform well the BJJ flying armbar from a standing position. And therefore you can use it to submit many jiu-jitsu opponents.

Have a good Brazilian jujitsu training, and feel free to give us your feedback.

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