What is the Brazilian jiu jitsu ranking system?

What is the Brazilian jiu jitsu ranking system

The Brazilian jiu jitsu ranking system (levels of jiu jitsu belts) uses colored belts that define the level of knowledge and practice of a jiu jitsu practitioner. In fact, the BJJ belt ranks show that the fighter has developed in an amount of time

What are the different BJJ belt ranks? 


What is the BJJ belt progression timeline?

source: Kama Jiu-Jitsu Podcast

Here are the different Brazilian jiu jitsu colored belts for adults:

The white belt Brazilian jiu jitsu ranking

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The first colored belt in the jiu jitsu ranking system is the white belt, which it defines a new practitioner, who just starts this martial arts discipline.

What a jiu jitsu white does need to focus on?

A BJJ white belt practitioner should focus first on learning the jiu jitsu basics:

How long does it take to get a stripe on your BJJ white belt?

A white belt gets stripes in the purpose of showing the BJJ progress and encourages the practitioner to go further in his BJJ training. Besides, more likely the BJJ guy will receive stripe every three to six months if he trains regularly. 

The blue belt Jiu jitsu ranking

How much time does it take to get a blue belt in BJJ?

A jiu jitsu white belts receive the blue belt after at least two years of jiu jitsu practice and study without stop training. Also, the BJJ practitioner must be at least sixteen years old in the requirements of the international Brazilian jiu jitsu Federation (IBJJF).

What a BJJ blue belt does need to focus on?

The blue belt BJJ ranks should focus on the increasing level of jiu jitsu bits of knowledge. He needs to discover and play as many as he can of Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques (knowing more detail about these techniques), submissions, drills, and BJJ positions.

Although, many BJJ instructors think that any blue belt should play all the possible Brazilian jiu jitsu game (Delariva guard, Spider guard, X guard…). Because of the proper BJJ game searching and not knowing what will work better for him?

Besides, a BJJ blue belt should start competing in the Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, where he will learn plenty of lessons that help him to improve his jiu jitsu and life in general.

The purple belt BJJ ranks

The jiu jitsu purple belt attests a jiu jitsu fighter who passes at least four to five years of jiu jitsu practice and study. Besides, this jiu jitsu fighter is highly savage and dangerous in some BJJ positions. He knows how to control and maintain a good jiu-jitsu position, and minimize his moves during the transition between two positions. Besides a jiu jitsu purple belt masters and knows the detail of some jiu-jitsu techniques. Moreover, a BJJ purple belt begins to select his best techniques in the sparing or in the jiu-jitsu competitions to reach a high degree of achievement. 

What are the BJJ purple belt requirements?

The international Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation eligibles to the jiu jitsu fighters to receive the purple belt when they aged sixteen or more with at least two years in the blue belt level.

Jiu jitsu brown belt


The jiu jitsu brown belt defines a jiu-jitsu fighter with at least six years of jiu jitsu practice and study. Also, he masters very well several jiu jitsu techniques from the setup to the finishing touch.

Indeed, he knows the details needed to execute the most jiu jitsu techniques in many positions. Actually, he has more likely a strong jiu jitsu game-play. For example he plays very well the spider guard system or the delariva system or the X guard system or half guard system.

This jiu jitsu advanced level allows to the BJJ Brown Belt to be the professor’s assistant. Therefore, he takes the lead sometimes to teach the jiu-jitsu class.

Otherwise, the brown belt fighter participates in the jiu jitsu competition with the jiu-jitsu black belt in the same division. 

What are the BJJ brown belt requirements?

The international Brazilian jiu jitsu federation eligible to a practitioner to receive the brown belt when they aged eighteen or more with at least one and a half years in the purple belt level.

The Black Belt BJJ ranking system

The jiu jitsu black belt is a fighter with at least eight years of jiu jitsu practice and study. He masters almost all the jiu jitsu techniques and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu basics.

In fact, he knows the details needed to execute many jiu jitsu techniques in any several positions.

 Although, some jiu jitsu black belts create and develop their BJJ techniques with their proper philosophy. Both every black belt has a strong jiu jitsu game-play and several skills that allow him to participate in the world jiu jitsu championship.

Besides, the jiu-jitsu black belt can deserve six different degrees with his hard work and great passion for the Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Otherwise, jiu jitsu black belt has the right to teach the jiu jitsu class in the classification of the international Brazilian jiu jitsu federation

What are the BJJ black belt requirements?

The international federation eligible to the BJJ fighters to receive the black belt when they aged nineteen or more with at least one year in the brown belt level.

Finally, there are other belts in the Brazilian jiu jitsu ranking system highest then the black belts such as Red / Black belt, Red / White belt, and Red belt.


What are the jiu jitsu belt rankings?

These BJJ belt Ranks mean a lot to every jiu jitsu fighter in every level. Therefore, it represents an unconditional love to this discipline, the hard work, and funny moment with the jiu jitsu family.





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