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is jiu-jitsu better than kickboxing

Is Jiu-Jitsu Better Than Kickboxing? (With Examples)

You might criticize us for comparing striking and grappling martial arts. But we are not mixing apples and oranges. Every martial art offers good...
Nick Rodriguez A Gifted Grappler and BJJ Black Belts Hunter

Nick Rodriguez: A Gifted Grappler and BJJ Black Belts Hunter

A former Danaher Death Squad, now B-team competitor Nick Rodriguez is one of the most promising BJJ grappling phenoms. The famous “Nicky Rod” is...
triangle choke from mount

How To Do A Triangle Choke From Mount? (Helpful Tips)

The triangle choke from mount is one of the most captivating submissions in the history of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As a result, any BJJ practitioner...
best bjj tournaments

Best BJJ Tournaments in the World (Ultimate List)

While sparring is an excellent way to test your Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, it is incomparable to tournaments, especially with a prize on the line....
cardio workouts for bjj white to black belts

Cardio Workouts For BJJ White To Black Belts

Excellent conditioning and strength are essential for Brazilian jiu-jitsu players of all levels, whether competing or just training. In addition, this is not easy...