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Diogo Reis A Prominent BJJ Competitor Worth Studying

Diogo Reis: A Prominent BJJ Competitor Worth Studying

Diogo Reis is a rising Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete who competes in both Gi and No-Gi. At a young age, he won multiple renowned BJJ...
bjj back survival for beginners

BJJ Back Survival for Beginners Made Easy

The goal when defending your BJJ back (Jiu-Jitsu Back Survival) is not only...
is sambo better than jiu-jitsu

Is Sambo Better Than Jiu-Jitsu? (Solved & Explained)

Russian Sambo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two of the world's most stunning grappling systems. In addition, both disciplines may provide an incredible training experience,...
is jiu-jitsu the hardest martial art

Is Jiu-Jitsu the Hardest Martial Art? (Explained)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a unique grappling martial art that everyone, particularly youngsters, enjoys learning. It emphasizes ground combat and does not allow for the...
marcus almeida jiu jitsu

Marcus Almeida Jiu-Jitsu: Facts You May Not Know

Marcus Almeida, knowns as "Buchecha", is a well-known Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and ADCC grappler. He is one greatest competitors of all times...