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is fairtex grappling dummy worth it

Is Fairtex Grappling Dummy Worth It? (Explained)

Are you looking for an excellent grappling dummy? Then, the Fairtex grappling dummy is a good option. Fairtex is a well-known and respected martial...
first bjj tournament blue belt

How to Get the Most of Your First BJJ Blue Belt Tournament?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments are difficult for new white and blue belts and other advanced ranks. The overwhelming issue is that most white belts have...
John Danaher

John Danaher: A Unique Coach Who Changed the BJJ Game

John Danaher is a legendary BJJ coach who trained many grappling and UFC stars. Therefore, he pushed their Brazilian jiu-jitsu game to the next...

Submission Only BJJ Tournaments (Ultimate List)

Submission-only BJJ tournaments are among the most exciting grappling competitions. However, competing in these Brazilian jiu-jitsu events necessitates extensive technical and physical preparation. Overall,...
Andre Galvao a gladiator in the BJJ and grappling field

Andre Galvao BJJ: Things That May Surprise You

Andre Galvao is an outstanding Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and one of the most accomplished grapplers. This article discusses some fantastic facts about Andre...