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how long does it take to get each belt in bjj

How Long Does It Take to Get Each Belt in BJJ? (Solved!)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has a great belt ranking, with eight belt levels for adults. Otherwise, students might earn stripes based on time, knowledge, conduct, and...

White Belt BJJ Tournament: Get Ready for Competitions!

Many practitioners, especially beginners, find competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu a stressful experience. Even with a high success rate game plan, a white...
first bjj tournament blue belt

How to Get the Most of Your First BJJ Blue Belt Tournament?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments are difficult for new white and blue belts and other advanced ranks. The overwhelming issue is that most white belts have...
arm-triangle choke

A Simple Guide to Do Properly the Arm Triangle Choke

The arm triangle choke is one of several effective submission techniques used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA. Aside from that, it's an...
leandro lo bjj

Leandro Lo BJJ: Things That May Surprise You

Leandro Lo was a member of the illustrious Brazilian jiu-jitsu family. He was a great BJJ competitor in the no-gi and gi...