The 7 Most Effective Side Control Chokes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Side control is one of the top dominant positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submissions grappling. It can offer you some highly effective chokes to tap out an opponent. 

Source: Marcos Tinoco BIG OSS

This post will include more side control chokes with explanations for novice and intermediate grapplers. Stay tuned!

Most Effective Chokes from Side Control

jiu jitsu side control submissions

The side control, known as the “side mount,” is dominant in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling.

As a result, you must construct a ferocious game from that vantage point, employing effective attacking techniques, such as chokes.

The list of side control chokes below may be helpful to learn.

Baseball Bat Choke

how to do the baseball bat choke in bjj gi and no gi

The baseball bat choke is among the most varied and restrictive side control chokes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi competitions.

The following steps will walk you through executing the baseball bat choke from the side control position.

  1. To establish reasonable control, start in side control with a thumb in a lapel grip slightly under your opponent’s head.
  2. With your other hand, slide a four-finger grip palm up. As the name implies, the grip looks like you’re holding a baseball.
  3. Pop up to your toes, place your weight on your opponent’s chest, lower your top elbow, put your head next to his hip, and turn to finish the baseball bat choke to get the tap.

Need more help! The following video explains how to execute the side-controlled baseball bat choke in depth.

Source: The Grappling Academy

Paper Cutter/Bread Cutter Choke

The bread or paper cutter choke is a basic gi choke that any practitioner can learn. It is also one of the most effective chokes from the side control position.

It is both lethal and straightforward to perform. So, take advantage of the instructions below that will walk you through executing the paper cutter or bread cutter choke from the side control.

  1. To begin, alternate between side control and the north/south position. Then, without leaving space, position your near arm on your opponent’s side.
  2. Grab your opponent’s lapel with that arm locked beneath their arm. Then, they control their elbow and trap their arm from above to reduce the possibility of escape.
  3. Do a reverse sit-out to put your weight on your opponent’s chest. Then, with your thumb in the hold, move your other hand to grab their lapel.
  4. Return to the standard side mount and cut your hands on the ground with a knife to receive the tap. Next, slide your elbow towards his head to apply more pressure and receive a quick tap.

If you need more help, the following video explains how to execute the side-control paper cutter/bread cutter choke.

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Near-Side Collar Choke

The near-side collar choke is a submission hold employed in grappling martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is one of the most sneaky and effective chokes from side control.

Otherwise, it is a short choke to perform. So, take advantage of the steps below that will walk you through executing the side control near-side collar choke.

  1. First, you should get the side control position and secure it using the proper grips and hip position.
  2. Drive your chest down and start gripping your opponent’s collars—one collar grips near the opponent’s chest and the other behind his neck.
  3. Use the grip near the opponent’s chest to pull him and drive his shoulder neck off the mat. Then, Bring your other grip toward the opponent’s Adam’s apple.
  4. Finish the near-side collar choke by pressing the opponent’s neck and tugging on the collars; then, the opponent will tap out or go unconscious.

Need more help! the following video explains in depth how to execute the side control near-side collar choke.

Source: Danny Fung

Arm Triangle Choke

The arm triangle choke is one of the best attacks from the side control. As a result, you must integrate this ferocious choke into your attacking game.

So, here are the main steps to correctly accomplish an arm-triangle choke from side control.

  1. Begin by achieving side control on your opponent, which involves placing your body on top of theirs, hips over hips, and chest facing their chest.
  2. Reach across your opponent’s body with your arm and grab their far shoulder with your hand from this posture. This will assist you in maintaining control of the opponent’s upper body.
  3. Start attacking the opponent’s neck, forcing him to defend using both hands.
  4. Sild one of your arms under the opponent’s neck and use your head and free arm to trap the front opponent’s arm along with his head.
  5. After controlling the opponent’s arm and head, drive your shoulder down and switch to the other side by sliding your knee on the opponent’s chest.
  6. Squeeze, lay down, and extend your legs to finish the arm triangle choke submission. This will cut off the blood supply to your opponent’s brain, causing him to lose consciousness if he doesn’t tap out at the appropriate time.

More assistance is required! The next video explains how to set up and complete the arm triangle from the side control.

Source: Howcast

D’arce Choke

The D’arce choke is one of the most dominant submissions from side control. It’s a great head and arm choke that operates similarly to the anaconda choke.

As a result, you must integrate this ferocious side control choke into your attacking game. Here are the main steps to correctly accomplish the D’arce submission.

  1. Reach the side control position and secure it using effective grips and weight management.
  2. Many bottom-side control players will use the underhook to gain space and exit the position. So wait for this to happen, then set up a Whizzer to make the opponent’s underhook ineffective.
  3. Slide your Whizzing arm as far down as possible until you grab the opponent’s neck. Meanwhile, put your ear to your chest and listen to his back lungs.
  4. The opponent’s underhook is still causing you problems at this point. As a result, you must stand on your toes and twist your hips to bring down the opponent’s underhooking arm.
  5. Bring your free hand across and connect it with your first hand, clamp your left elbow down, and pull your opponent’s head tight.
  6. Block the opponent’s head with your left elbow and grasp the biceps of your left hand as profoundly as possible with your right hand.
  7. Press your two hands together and drive your chest and hips down to finish the side control d’arce choke.

Need more assistance? Coach Tom from The Grappling Academy walks you through obtaining the D’Arce choke from the top side control in the video below.

Source: The Grappling Academy

Clock Choke

The clock choke is one of the top savage attacks in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It can be done effectively from side control, the turtle position, etc.

As a result, as a wise practitioner, you get familiar with this choke to build an unstoppable attacking game from side control. So, take advantage of the steps below to walk you through executing the side control clock choke.

  1. First, get into the top side control position and secure it with proper grips and weight distribution.
  2. Set up a solid cross-collar grip, and open up the opponent’s gi. But first, remove the opponent’s hands, preventing you from achieving the desired collar grip.
  3. Maintain the cross grip and force your opponent to line up on his side (as you try to get the back mount position), limiting his escape options.
  4. Put a reasonable amount of pressure on your opponent’s shoulders with your chest to keep him from rolling while you close the distance.
  5. Finish the side control clock choke by walking in a circle toward your opponent’s head.

More detail is required! In the video below, Ricardo Cavalcanti (5th-degree black belt) demonstrates the BJJ clock choke technique from the top-side control position.

Source: Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Bulldog Choke

The bulldog choke is Another submission that can be performed while escaping the bottom side control position.

Source: Ben Egli


Side control is a powerful grappling position that lets you control your opponent’s upper body and create various chokes.

The arm triangle, D’arce, Baseball Bat, Near-Side Collar, and Paper Cutter are among the most effective chokes from the side control.

As a competitor, you should learn and master these submission techniques. They will help you build an efficient game and win several fights in Gi/No-Gi competition.

Try these side-control chokes to become a powerful grappler on the mat.

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