Jiu Jitsu in Austin: Uncover the Best Gyms and Tournaments!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has grown in popularity in the United States, especially in Austin, Texas (The Lone Star State). Consequently, Austin is home to some of the world’s best martial arts schools and multiple outstanding Jiu-Jitsu championships.

Austin’s most excellent Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gyms are Atos BJJ, Paragon BJJ, Gracie Barra North Austin, and Vow BJJ. Other notable championships include the Austin BJJ Championships and the Austin BJJ Gi & No-Gi Round Robin Tournament.

This article will reveal the most prominent BJJ dojos and competitions in Austin. Stay tuned!

What Are the Best Jiu-Jitsu Gyms in Austin, Texas?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art focused on positional dominance and submission techniques. It is an effective form of self-defense, teaching smaller people how to defeat a larger opponent using the technique over strength.

Austin gathers many high-quality BJJ schools that provide excellent grappling classes to individuals.

The most prominent Austin gyms list includes Atos BJJ, Paragon BJJ, Gracie Barra North Austin, Vow BJJ, and many others. Let’s deep dive into the world of the best-grappling academies in the “City of the Violet Crown.

Atos Austin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Atos Austin BJJ mainly focuses on motivation, technique, self-defense, and confidence. Join Atos Austin to improve your health, balance your mind, lose weight, improve discipline, add flexibility, and increase your energy levels.

The former champion of the world, Guilherme Campos, holds training sessions. The dojo takes pride in the knowledgeable, dedicated, and decorated BJJ instructors hand selected to help you accomplish your goals.

The dojo is open all day, from dusk to dawn. Many age and skill groups exist so that you can say goodbye to excuses. You can book private lessons if you want to, plus your first BJJ class is free!

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Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Austin

Paragon BJJ offers five programs – adult BJJ, fundamentals, adult no-gi BJJ, BJJ for kids, and juniors jiu-jitsu. Instructors (all BJJ black belts) are Robert Dembeck, Jose Portillo Jr, Jerremy Adams, Laura Heiman, Colley O’Connor, and Bill Watts.

The dojo works in the morning and evening, and there is an open mats class on Friday. You can check Paragon’s official website for more details.

Master Martial Arts At Westlake Hills

Master Martial Arts offer BJJ classes for kids, as the dojo mixes Taekwondo with jiu-jitsu classes. You can set up the trial class for free.

Your kids will build more muscular, healthier bodies and develop unshakable self-confidence! If your kid is getting bullied at school, this might be a great chance to learn how to dominate the bully on the ground!

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Gracie Barra North Austin

Gracie Barra North Austin

GB BJJ is a good dojo for anyone who wants to learn how to defend him or herself in combat. You can learn to think through problems more constructively, on and off the mats. Gracie Barra lets you learn how to grapple, lose some weight, or deal with stress.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. developed special programs to meet the specific learning needs of people from different levels, ages, and genders. Instructors are professors Marcio Feitosa, Itacio Lisboa, and Master Carlos Alberto Liberi.

Four programs are available: men’s, women’s, jiu-jitsu for kids and teens, and self-defense. Gracie Barra is a perfect place for anybody who values martial art, respect, wellness, discipline, and values well-balanced lifestyle. Anybody is welcome to join!


Vow BJJ stands out because it offers free one on one intro classes. That is the only dojo in Austin that offers maximum attention at your first BJJ lesson.

The hardest part about getting started is walking through the door, but you shouldn’t worry about it at Vow BJJ. This dojo offers five classes per week for beginners. Plus, you can consult your instructor before the class and ask questions. This school is focused on starters, but experienced practitioners are welcome too.

VOW BJJ offers many benefits – building confidence, getting in shape, learning sports and self-defense, stability, balance, and coordination development; focus, core strength, and flexibility improvement.

This is a fantastic choice if you’re a curious rookie looking to learn BJJ or extend his martial arts knowledge! The head instructor is BJJ black belt Ryan Villalobos. His philosophy is written in the sentence, “My goal is to make someone better than I could ever be.”

The dojo works daily, even on Sundays (open mats class). Ryan is a very dedicated person, and he’s always ready to spread his knowledge. There are groups for kids, parents, veterans, gi, and no-gi drills… You are welcome to book your class today!

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Gracie Humaita Austin

You will gain confidence and fitness as you learn to defend yourself in Gracie Humaita Austin. Nobody is too old to train, plus every fitness level is welcome to the classes.

You can get in shape, release stress, gain confidence, and work with like-minded people. Indeed, you will stay motivated and inspired on your route to success.

Gracie Humaita opens at 6:30 AM and works until 9 PM with small breaks. Sparring sessions always take part in the evening, while you can visit an open mat class on Saturday.

Here comes the boom – two beginners’ classes are free – Tuesday at 6 PM and Saturday at 10 AM. There are both gi and no-gi lessons. The head instructor is a very dedicated 6th dan black belt owner Paulo “Coelho” Brandao.

Team Rabadi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai

Team Rabadi is ready to serve the community, and everybody is welcome, from Karate kids to adults.

This BJJ dojo has a special offer for you – 7 days of free in-person or virtual classes. You can train at home, work, or school. The instructors are always ready for an agreement.

The head instructor is a very passionate BJJ black belt Robby Rabadi, who has shared martial arts knowledge with his students for over 20 years. Team Rabadi believes that students of all ages and skills can achieve their goals.

There are martial arts for kids and bully prevention classes – give your kids a chance to learn to defend themselves from aggressive peers!

B-Team Jiu Jitsu

B Team Jiu Jitsu

B-team is one of the fastest-growing BJJ teams in Texas just a few years after its inception.

This BJJ gym was created in 2021 by four excellent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners – Nicky Ryan, Craig Jones, Ethan Crelinsten, and Nick Rodriguez – after letting the legendary Danaher Death Squad.

Aside from that, the B-team tries to invent and improve the BJJ sport by combining Wrestling and Submission Grappling, demonstrating the usefulness of their ideas at the highest level of competition.

In addition to their distinct competitive approach, the B-team places a high value on teaching to ensure that trainees can comprehend and implement intricate maneuvers in an ego-free and safe setting.

Source: B-Team Jiu Jitsu

New Wave Jiu Jitsu

New Wave Jiu Jitsu A Revolutionary BJJ Grappling Gym

The New Wave is one of the most famous jiu-jitsu gyms in Austin Texas. It was created by John Danaher and Gordon Ryan after the Danaher Death Squad’s split.

Then, this BJJ gym swiftly established itself as one of the best in the grappling world. The club wasted no time in establishing its impact, boasting a lineup of some of the top trainers and grapplers in the sport.

Only one year after their establishment, the team put on a stunning performance at the ADCC World Championship in 2022, demonstrating their exceptional talents.

Aside from that, the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu club has several renowned members, including:

  • John Danaher: The Headteacher who is generally recognized as one of the top trainers in the grappling world.
  • Gordon Ryan: A five-time ADCC World Champion often known as the “King of ADCC,”. Also, he has won multiple no-gi BJJ events and has established himself as one of the sport’s most formidable competitors.
  • Garry Tonon: Another excellent grappler who has recently switched to MMA. The heel hook specialist has accomplished remarkable feats throughout his grappling career, like winning the IBJJF Pan Championship NoGi and the EBI WW Invitational.
  • Giancarlo Bodoni: A rising star in the BJJ world who earned his black belt under Lucas Lepri. He immediately rose after joining the New Wave, winning the North American ADCC Trials and the ADCC World Championship in the -88kg weight class.

Moreover, the New Wave Jiu Jitsu is based in Austin, Texas, and it is an exciting addition to the submission grappling world. With its great staff of teachers and grapplers, this BJJ school is destined to make waves in the sport for years to come.

Source: New Wave Jiujitsu

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Best BJJ Competitions In Austin, Texas

bjj tournament

Austin is the capital of Texas, so big BJJ tournaments are expected. There are many great jiu-jitsu competitions in this peaceful city, and we will get to know the most comprehensive and famous ones in the area. 

Austin BJJ Championships

Austin BJJ Championships is a traditional tournament hosted by The American Grappling Federation.

This BJJ event will occur on April 15th and gather some of the sport’s greatest names. If you registered earlier, the fee was smaller. You can change the weight class only when you pay 20 dollars.

Tiny kids compete for the ½ of the price, while BJJ black belts participate for free. Please read the rules carefully, as some techniques are not allowed in all weight/age classes. Plus, read tournament instructions carefully, and don’t be late on the mat.

Kids get priority at the weigh-in; adults can step on the scale as soon as no kids are in line. The doors will open at 7:30 AM, and youngsters will check their weight first.

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Austin BJJ Gi & No-Gi Round Robin Tournament

Grappling Industries hold the Austin BJJ Gi & No-Gi Round Robin Tournaments.

The first Round Robin Tournament occurs yearly in Austin Sports Center in April. In contrast, the second Austin Round Robin tournament occurs yearly in August.

You must register 15 days before the event to get early bird discounts. Also, the registration deadline is five days before the event. Keep in mind that late registrations are not permitted!

If you want to change your weight class, do it by 5 PM the following day after the registration closes. Just log in to your account and modify your registration details. After this deadline, you won’t be able to bounce between the divisions.

Competitors alone in their division should either self-move themselves up a division or cancel their registration for full credit.

Here is another fantastic thing – you don’t have to weigh in with your gi on. You must step on the scale only once if participating in multiple disciplines or divisions.

Grappling Industries tournaments follow a Round Robin Pool format. It means all adults get 4 matches for signing up for a division that fills up to 5 bouts. If you compete in gi and no-gi BJJ, you could participate in 8+ fights.

You can test your skills against many different opponents. It will skyrocket your experience level! Also, this tournament follows a point structure but without advantages!

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BJJ’s popularity in Austin is high. Many great dojos have established themselves in the city. Plus, two very popular tournaments are hosted here.  

Atos Austin BJJ, Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Barra North Austin, and Vow BJJ are some of the top jiu-jitsu dojos in the city. At the same time, the most famous competitions in this area are the Austin BJJ Championships and the Austin BJJ Gi & No Gi Round Robin Tournament.

Thanks to the information in our article, we hope you’ll make an educated choice and choose the perfect BJJ gym for your requirements. Austin offers various BJJ options for everybody’s wallet and skillset. Now it’s your turn to say goodbye to excuses and start training one of the most exciting grappling martial arts!

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