Jiu-Jitsu Fight Energy Management

Jiu-Jitsu Fight Energy Management

The Jiu-Jitsu Fight Energy Management is the most important of all BJJ principles. And is overlooked by many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. In a BJJ fight, what happens to the fighter who becomes exhausted first? If you’ve ever been involved in any kind of jiu-jitsu fight, sparring, or roll. You know that the first person to become exhausted loses.

You don’t want to be the guy who tires first, right? You know what happens to him. So you have to conserve your energy just enough to outlast your opponent. But

How to manage your energy at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fight?

Jiu-Jitsu Fight Submission Driven

Let me tell you a quick story that will help you illustrate this concept. A few weeks ago while reading the Gracie magazine. I came across an interview with two very accomplished athletes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Judo, Ronaldo Jacare and Flavio Canto.

Both of them have notoriously aggressive games on the ground (they are dangerous submission driven). Which means that when they see it, they give their all to get it.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter always keeping the jiu-jitsu fight flowing at a good pace. He consistently move quickly, ready to connect to his next best move.

And always keeping his eyes open to any submission opportunity that might pass in front. and he applies the saying “When you see it, you go for it”.

It sounds like fun, right? We see this kind of jiu-jitsu style in BJJ fight game. And we believe, it opens your mind to many more possibilities, and makes your jiu-jitsu more versatile.

However, this kind of BJJ game is not for everybody. Indeed, it’s not the only way to become more technical or to master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

source: Chewjitsu

Why you need to manage your energy in a jiu-jitsu fight?

This article is about jiu-jitsu fight energy management. Ronaldo “Jacare” and Flavio are professional athletes. They have been since they were teenagers.

They train two to three times a day. Plus cross-train by doing a bunch of physical exercises with the help of a personal trainer.

They are a different species! Not all BJJ practitioners can dedicate their whole day to keep up with their pace. If you can, great!

Therefore every jiu-jitsu practitioner should maintain a very healthy lifestyle with daily training and workout routine. It is hard to always be in the best shape and even harder to keep up with the physical condition of those two guys. 

A little advice: You must never run out of gas before your jiu-jitsu opponent. Good BJJ practitioners know what happens when you run out of gas, right? In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the core objective is to have the opportunity to survive against ANY BJJ opponent. And for that… you must at least outlast your opponents. This is Why energy management is important for a good BJJ fight game.

More BJJ principles to manage properly your energy

To manage properly your energy in a jiu-jitsu fight, you have to add two more things: breathing correctly and proper mindset. Without breathing properly and without the right mindset. You won’t outlast your opponent even if you apply all the jiu-jitsu principles.

This is why it is essential to understand these two principles and apply them to your BJJ game.

BJJ Training Breathing Properly.

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If you have practiced and watched jiu-jitsu for a long time. You’ve probably noticed that many people don’t breathe properly while training. Some barely breathe at all – like they are fighting underwater.

Also, a lot of jiu-jitsu practitioners only breathe through their mouths, sucking the air in but not using their lungs at full capacity. If you are guilty of one (or more) of these breathing sins, then today is your lucky day!

I will help you with how to breathe properly. And that alone will boost your endurance 100%.

However, if you have been breathing inefficiently for a long time, you won’t be able to change your breathing immediately.

Breathing is a habit, and to destroy a bad habit takes a little bit of effort. But the good news is that today is the best day to start.

How to Breathe Properly During your BJJ Training?

source: Phil Daru

The first step to breathing properly while you’re in jiu-jitsu fight or sparing is to focus on pushing the air out through your mouth or nose instead of sucking in the air. Inhalation will come naturally after a complete exhalation, without any need to suck air back in.

Make sure to follow these important tips to breathe properly.

  • Make sounds when you are exhaling so you can hear it happening until you get used to it. I still make noises when I exhale. It helps me keep track of my breathing throughout the jiu-jitsu fight. 
  • Always inhale through your nose.
  •  Use your diaphragm (the large muscle between your lungs and your stomach) instead of the upper part of your lungs only. The majority of people have never breathed with the bottom part of their lungs. So they have never used their lungs to their full capacity. 

BJJ Training Proper Mindset

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If you have followed these instructions on how to breathe and you’re now controlling your breath more efficiently. Then it will be easier to control your mind as well (because they are both linked).

When I talk about mindset, I’m telling you to keep your wits at all times, and you can only do that if you remain calm even when under pressure.

In general, a good way to calm yourself is by focusing on your breathing. Exhale more, and for a longer period. You have to control your excitement, your anxieties, and your fears.

No matter who you are or your jiu-jitsu level, you will feel one or more of these emotions at times. If we don’t, we will lose positions, fall into submission attempts, and we won’t think clearly about our next best move.

Most of our emotions result from our minds either dwelling on past experiences or looking into the future.

The thing is when we are in a BJJ match, we are living the present at its full capacity and nothing else matters. This is a wonderful experience and we have to take full advantage of it by keeping our minds at all times in the present.

By keeping your mind at the moment, you’ll be able to make better decisions without fearing the future (which clouds our judgment of the present). But remember! You must control emotions to the best of your ability at ALL TIMES . One little slip can jeopardize everything you had accomplished during a BJJ fight.

The Correct BJJ Fight Tactic

source: Stephan Kesting

The correct Brazilian jiu jitsu fight tactic for an excellent performance combined with energy management is knowing exactly when to switch from a tighter BJJ position to a more explosive moves. When to relax. When to use strength. When to make the transition from a closely formed body defensive position to using a specific part of the body to execute the task you want.