How to start an amazing jiu jitsu adventure?


You’re thinking of starting jiu jitsu, I want to start Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Awesome!. Start jiu jitsu at any age (18, 30,40, 50) will be one of your greatest life’s decisions to reach your highest expectations. Starting BJJ is going to be a good step. You can find in this BJJ article some tips for starting jiu jitsu on the best way to start BJJ, what to know before starting BJJ? and what to expect when starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Should I start BJJ?

Of course, you should start Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), because, It’s a great discipline where you can learn several things. You can develop a strong mindset allows you to deal with your problems and issues. Besides, you learn how to become consistent, bold, and change failure to great success, and more benefits.

source: The Jits Guy – Middle East’s Premier Jiu Jitsu Podcast (BJJ)

Starting BJJ what do I need?

Here is what you need to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Stay tuned!

1. Start jiu jitsu by choosing a relevant academy.

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What makes a good BJJ academy?

A good jiu jitsu academy gives you high-quality coaching with relevant ways and the newest methods. And it should guides the jiu jitsu fighter from zero to hero.

A good jiu jitsu academy is very important to improve your jiu jitsu. But why?

  • Allows you to be always actualized.
  • Teaches you the Brazillian jiu jitsu techniques in a productive and active environment with relevant coaching techniques.
  • helps you to develop a great jiu jitsu spirit.
  • Helps you to develop a great technical background and a solid physical condition.
  • Guides you to participate in a lot of Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments.

Start jiu jitsu with a good academy is going to give you awesome tools to succeed in your BJJ discipline. And of course, one day you will become a jiu jitsu champion nothing is difficult with strong work.

2. Start jiu-jitsu by Choosing great teammates

Jiu-jitsu is a sport discipline in which you practice it with other people. indeed, these people (teammates) will define/control your BJJ progression and improvement. therefore, the Perfect way to start Brazilian jiu-jitsu is by establishing good relationships with your BJJ teammates. and more likely they become your friends or in the highest situation becoming a family. As a result, they will help you to master the jiu jitsu techniques, drills, and improving your jiu jitsu game.

Finally, when the relationship is good you will have fun to drill or spare with your jiu jitsu teammates. And of course, you will be loved with jiu jitsu.

3. Choose a strong GYM

The GYM where you play the jiu jitsu is critical to your jiu jitsu techniques learning, improvement, spirit, game development.

How do I choose a BJJ gym?

Be careful when choosing your GYM which must reach different criteria:

  • The GYM must be clean and adequate to practice jiu jitsu.
  • The GYM must have a good tatami dedicated to jiu jitsu sport clean and appropriate so it protects you from bad injuries and helps you practice jiu jitsu in good conditions.
  • The last thing not least your GYM must not be fare from your home. Thus, you eliminate transportation issues and lateness problems. So you establish a great reputation in your jiu jitsu team.

finally, choosing a good GYM mustn’t be neglected when you start jiu jitsu.

4. Be the perfect one in the perfect team.

The atmosphere, spirit, communication, relationships, challenges inside the jiu jitsu team is so important to improve and achieve relevant results. So, don’t be the one who breaks the good things when you start jiu jitsu. Therefore, you must:

  • Watch your attitude and behavior
  • Don’t be arrogant or a deep timid person communicate and share your vision,


Starting jiu-jitsu will the most important decision in your life, because Brazilian jiu jitsu is a great sport where you can learn a ton of things. But pay attention to choosing a good jiu-jitsu academy, training environment. Also, you need to establish strong relationships with your jiu jitsu teammates. Finally, don’t forget that your behavior and character can destroy your jiu jitsu learning, so you must adjust it to be a relevant member of your jiu jitsu team.

Share with us your experience when you start jiu jitsu?




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