How to start an amazing jiu jitsu adventure?


You’re thinking of starting jiu jitsu, I want to start Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Awesome!. Start jiu jitsu at any age (18, 30,40, 50) will be one of your greatest life’s decisions to reach your highest expectations. Starting BJJ is going to be a good step. You can find in this BJJ article some tips for starting jiu jitsu on the best way to start BJJ, what to know before starting BJJ? and what to expect when starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Should I start BJJ?

Of course, you should start Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), because, It’s a great discipline where you can learn several things. You can develop a strong mindset allows you to deal with your problems and issues. Besides, you learn how to become consistent, bold, and change failure to great success, and more benefits.

source: The Jits Guy – Middle East’s Premier Jiu Jitsu Podcast (BJJ)

Starting BJJ what do I need?

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