How to Do the Elevator Sweep in BJJ? (With Videos)

The elevator sweep is one of the most effective fundamental techniques for a white belt. It is an excellent BJJ sweep you should learn from the beginning of training. This raises the question: how can you improve your jiu-jitsu game using the elevator sweep?

The elevator sweep is a tremendous sweep that you can do from various positions, such as the closed and half guards. As a result, you employ this sweep technique to bolster your guard attacks.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn how to properly use the elevator sweep strategy to strengthen your guard game. Stay tuned!


 Half Guard Elevator Sweep

The half guard is an important Brazilian jiu-jitsu position that allows both bottom and top players to attack equally. If he arrives to manage distance and grip effectively, the bottom player can achieve some great sweeps, including the elevator hook sweep.

In the following video, you’ll learn how to perform the elevator sweep from the half guard in BJJ grappling.

Source: Gracie NEPA

Deep Half Guard Elevator Sweep 

Deep half guard is another excellent position to get the elevator sweep in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Again, it works, putting you in a better position to outperform your opponent.

The following video demonstrates the elevator sweep from the deep half guard in BJJ grappling.

Source: BJJ Joe


The elevator sweep is a fundamental move and technique for BJJ white belts. There are several ways to perform this technique, including from various positions (closed or half-guard, for example). As a result, learning how to do an elevator sweep will broaden your horizons in the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighting.

Are you a fan of the BJJ technique known as the elevator sweep?