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10 BJJ submissions you should know

List of the Most Effective BJJ Submissions

Learning to submit an opponent from the guard and other positions from the top or bottom is the pursuit of any addicted...
gi for bjj beginners

Best BJJ Gi for Beginners (Helpful Guide)

What is the best BJJ Gi for beginners? There is a plethora of great gi for beginner Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners who are...
best stretches for jiu jitsu

Best Stretches for Jiu Jitsu (Better Mobility & Flexibility)

As an intelligent novice or veteran jiu-jitsu practitioner, you should do various stretching exercises regularly, particularly after every training session. The lunge-hip flexor stretch, lying hamstring...

Marc Laimon Promoted to the 5th Degree Black Belt (Video)

Rigan Machado, 8th-degree coral belt, promoted Marc Laimon to the 5th degree black belt on July 30, 2022. As you may know, Marc Laimon is...
bjj turtle position

BJJ Turtle: An Advanced Position to Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu

The turtle position is one of the most important in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is an advanced defensive position that BJJ practitioners should learn and...