BJJ Survival

Meaning of ‘to survival’ in jiu-jitsu.

bjj survival

Every new practitioner at any BJJ academy will be accompanied by some fears when first he stepping into the mats. It’s probably just a nightmare of claustrophobia, pain, or suffocation.

In each situation, the BJJ student conquers these fears by facing them on several occasions. At any moment, the student can tap to end the fight and start again and give it another try.

And, over time he gradually liberates himself from the cycle of fear. This is a natural process of mental conditioning and it is the law for every student.

In place of his fear, he develops confidence, fortitude, and peace in stressful times. In other words, he liberates himself from insecurity.

The survival Purpose

Survival on a physical level is simply an extension of this mental conditioning. Where, the BJJ fighter must make sure to become accustomed to the nature of being physically attacked. And, specifically to pressure and to the claustrophobic feeling of crushing weight. In this way, he will be mentally prepared to relax and let himself go into these trying situations. Therefore, survival will depend on the mental aspect of becoming comfortable while under duress as well as physical techniques.

BJJ Survival Positions 

jiu-jitsu survival

The jiu-jitsu Survival is not based on escaping submissions. It is about putting yourself into a position where you do not need to use muscle to protect yourself.

Indeed, If it were based solely on escaping the submission. Then how could we expect Helio Gracie at 130 pounds to be able to escape the tightest armlock or the deepest choke?

Top BJJ white belts survival positions

The BJJ survival is about assuming a jiu-jitsu position like the mount or the side control or the back that impedes your opponent’s offense. And, eliminating the chance of his submission. It is about changing the situation to one that favors the defensive player. As a result, all of his actions become predictable because as he fights for offense from an uncomfortable position. So, there are only certain movements he can make.


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