BJJ Beginner Don’t Let Them Choke You

Being on your back is the worst thing that can happen!!

Though, grapplers learn quickly not to turn face down (on our stomachs). Yet, for the high school and collegiate wrestler who has never learned submission grappling, being on their backs is the worst thing that can happen to them so they will do anything to avoid it.

As a consequence, they may willingly go to their stomachs. However, non-grapplers will do it because they do not know any better. Either way, if you do end up on your stomach or in turtle guard here is a tactic that can help you avoid being choked out. 

When do you need Tuck your chin?

jiu-jitsu choke

Tuck your chin! Chin tucking for jiu-jitsu students applies to stand up as well as ground jiu jitsu choke defense. Let’s start with stand up.

When going over self-defense techniques in class such as BJJ choke from behind. Also, BJJ choke from the front and defense from guillotines.

So, the first thing that you should do before anything else is tucking your chin.

This is based on the idea that it is a surprise attack. If you are boxing or practicing MMA or in a real self-defense situation you should already have your chin tucked. Yet there is a slight difference for grappling. When grappling, you must tuck your chin by acting as if you are trying to smash your chin through your chest (for drills you don’t have to go overboard but it is something to keep in mind when rolling, competing or in a real fight). 


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