ADCC World Championship 2022: Everything You Need to Know

The ADCC World Championship is one of the best no-gi submission tournaments worldwide. Thus, Participating in such a tremendous grappling competition is always a huge honor. In 2022, the ADCC is headlined by the super-fight between the two fabulous legends of the sport – Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao.

This article will provide information on the ADCC world championship 2022 competitors. Aside from that, it goes over the ADCC submission fighting World Championship rules, weight divisions, qualification process, etc. Stay tuned!

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ADCC World Championship 2022 Results

Men 66kg Results

Round of 16 Results (66kg)

  • Sam McNally Move to the quarterfinal by defeating Garry Tonon by points 3:0.
  • Diogo Reis outperformed Ashley Williams by points 2:0 and moved to the quarterfinal.
  • Jeremy Skinner defeated AJ Agazarm and moved to the quarterfinal.
  • Fabricio Andrey conquered Cole Abate by the referee’s decision and moved to the quarterfinal.
  • Diego Oliveira conquered Keith Krikorian and moved to the quarterfinal.

Otherwise, Josh Cisneros, Gabriel Sousa, Diego Oliveira, and Kenny Maciel also moved to the quarterfinal.

Quarterfinals Results (66kg)

  • Diogo Reis advances to the semi-finals after beating Fabricio Andrey by a referee’s decision.
  • Joshua Cisneros advances to the semi-finals after defeating Sam McNally by the referee’s decision.
  • Diego “Pato” Oliveira advances to the semi-finals by submitting Kennedy Maciel with a leglock.
  • Gabriel Sousa advances to the semi-finals with a mounted triangle choke on Jeremy Skinner.

Semi-finals (66kg)

  • Gabriel Sousa vs Diego “Pato” Oliveira

Diego “Pato” Oliveira lost against Gabriel Sousa by referee decision.

  • Joshua Cisneros vs Diogo Reis

Joshua Cisneros lost against Diogo Reis by points 0-2.

3rd Place (66kg)

  • Joshua Cisneros vs Diego “Pato” Oliveira

Diego “Pato” Oliveira won Josh Cisneros via negative points to become the new -66kg ADCC World bronze medalist.

Final (66kg)

  • Gabriel Sousa vs Diogo Reis

Diogo “Baby shark” Reis defeated Gabriel Sousa via points to become the -66kg ADCC 2022 World Champion.

Men 77kg Results

Round of 16 Results (77kg)

  • JT Torres outperformed Kenta Iwamoto by the referee’s decision and moved on to the quarters.
  • Mateusz Szczecinski conquered William Tackett by a leglock submission and advanced to the quarterfinal.
  • PJ Barch defeated Tommy Langaker and moved on to the quarterfinal.
  • Mica Galvao dominated Oliver Taza. He won by points 5-0 and to the quarterfinal.
  • Dante Leon defeated Magid Hage via reverse triangle choke submission and secured his set in the quarterfinal.
  • Nicky Ryan lost against Renato Canuto by points 5-0 after an overtime period.
  • Kade Ruotolo surprised Lachlan Giles by arm attack and eliminated him from the tournament.
  • Roberto Jimenez Defeated Andy Varela by an RNC Choke. 

Quarterfinals Results (77kg)

  • JT Torres lost against PJ Barch
  • Kade Ruotolo surprised Roberto Jimenez with a quick heel hook submission.
  • Mica Galvao conquered Renato Canuto by a sneaky armlock.
  • Dante Leon won Mateusz Szczecinski.

Semi-finals (77kg)

  • PJ Barch vs Kade Ruotolo

Kade Ruotolo defeated PJ Barch using an armbar submission.

  • Mica Galvao vs Dante Leon

Mica Galvao took out Dante Leon by point 2-0 after overtime.

3rd Place (77kg)

  • Dante Leon vs PJ Barch

Dante Leon submitted PJ Barch by an armbar and won the 2022 ADCC World 77Kg bronze medal.

Finals (77kg)

  • Mica Galvao vs Kade Ruotolo

Kade Ruotolo defeated Mica Galvao to become the youngest ADCC World Champion. The 77kg bracket was highly competitive, but Kade managed his fights well and won them by submission.

Men 88kg Results

Round of 16 Results (88kg)

  • Matheus Diniz defeated Roberto Dib Frias by points with a late takedown.
  • Lucas Barbosa conquered Santeri Lilius by points 3-0.
  • Vagner Rocha bested Izaak Michell via the referee’s decision after an overtime period.
  • Giancarlo Bodoni outclassed Isaque Bahiense via points 6-0.
  • Mason Fowler defeated Alexandre De Jesus by a guillotine choke.
  • Xande Ribeiro lost against Eoghan O’ Flanagan via points 3-0. Xande tried everything to pass Eoghan’s guard, but he wasn’t successful.
  • Pedro Marinho defeated Jacob Rodriguez by points 3-2 during an epic match.
  • Josh Hinger outclassed Tye Ruotolo by points 2-0.

Quarterfinals Results (88kg)

  • Matheus Diniz lost against Giancarlo Bodoni by a triangle choke submission after taking down Diniz and passing his guard.
  • Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa conquered his teammate Josh Hinger by points 7-0.
  • Mason Fowler lost against Eoghan O’ Flanagan by a heel hook submission.
  • Vagner Rocha overcame Pedro Marinho in a mostly standing bout by referee decision after overtime.

Semi-finals (88kg)

  • Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa vs Vagner Rocha

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa outclassed Vagner Rocha by the referee’s decision after the overtime.

  • Giancarlo Bodoni vs Eoghan O’Flanagan

Giancarlo Bodoni defeated Eoghan O’Flanagan using an exceptional toe hold.

3rd Place (88kg)

  • Vagner Rocha vs. Eoghan O’Flanagan

Vagner Rocha defeated Eoghan O’Flanagan via toe hold and won the -88kg ADCC World 2022 bronze medal.

Finals (88kg)

  • Giancarlo Bodoni Vs. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

Giancarlo Bodoni won Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa by RNC submission to become the new -88kg ADCC World Champion.

Men 99kg Results

Round of 16 Results (99kg)

  • Kaynan Duarte conquered Owen Livesey by points 8-0.
  • Elder Cruz Won Patrick Gaudio by a referee’s decision after the overtime.
  • Craig Jones defeated Joao Costa after 18 seconds from that start by heel hook submission.
  • Vinicius Ferreira Dominated Paul Ardila by a referee’s decision after the overtime.
  • Devhonte Johnson lost against Kyle Boehm via the referee’s decision in overtime.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. defeated Perttu Tepponen via RNC choke in the overtime after taking down Perttu and back-take him.
  • Nicholas Meregali won Henrqiue Ceconi by a kimura lock.
  • Luke Griffith lost against Yuri Simoes.

Quarterfinals Results (99kg)

  • Kaynan Duarte defeated Elder Cruz by points 5-2.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. outclassed Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira by points 2-0.
  • Craig Jones defeated Kyle Boehm by a guillotine choke after Boehm shot a failed double leg.
  • Nicholas Meregali outclassed Yuri Simoes by a referee’s decision after overtime in a fight that was mostly standing.

Semi-finals (99kg)

  • Nicholas Meregali vs. Craig Jones

Craig Jones defeated Nicholas Meregali by the referee’s decision after the overtime.

  • Kaynan Duarte vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Kaynan Duarte defeated Rafael Lovato Jr.

3rd Place (99kg)

  • Nicholas Meregali vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Nicholas Meregali is the -99kg ADCC 2022 World Bronze medalist, defeating Rafael Lovato Jr.

Finals (99kg)

  • Craig Jones Vs. Kaynan Duarte

Kaynan Duarte won Craig Jones by points to become a two-time ADCC World Champion in two different weight classes.

Men +99kg Results

Round of 16 Results (+99kg)

  • Gordon Ryan Dominated Heikki Jussila using an RNC choke.
  • Victor Hugo dominated Daniel Manasiou by points 3-0 after Hugo took Daniel’s back.
  • Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu lost against Haisam Rida via a quick armbar.  
  • Joao Gabriel lost against Roosevelt Sousa via a heel hook submission. 
  • Felipe Pena won Josh Saunders via points 8-0.
  • Orlando Sanchez lost Max Gimenis via an arm triangle choke.
  • Nick Rodriguez won Damon Ramos points 8-0.
  • Vinny Magelhaes give up against John Hansen due to an injury. 

Quarterfinals Results (+99kg)

  • Gordon Ryan dominated Victor Hugo via points 8-0.
  • Haisam Rida lost against Roosevelt Sousa by points 2-0 after a successful takedown.
  • Felipe Pena defeated Max Gimenis by an RNC choke.
  • Nick Rodriguez outclassed John Hansen via RNC choke after taking the back control.

Semi-finals (+99kg)

Gordon Ryan defeated Roosevelt Sousa using a heel hook submission after only 11 seconds.

Nick Rodriguez outclassed Felipe Pena by points 3-0 after passing Pena’s guard.

3rd Place (+99kg)

Roosevelt Sousa won Felipe Pena via Walkover since Pena chose not to compete. So,  Sousa is the +99kg weight class ADCC Wold 2022 bronze medalist.

Finals (+99kg)

Gordon Ryan beat Nick Rodriguez via heel hook submission to become the only ADCC World Champion in three different weight classes (-88kg, -99kg, +99Kg).

Absolute Weight Class Result

  • Yuri Simoes won Nicholas Meregali via negative points to become the new Absolute ADCC World champion.
  • Tye Ruotolo defeated Roberto Cyborg Abreu to become the Absolute ADCC World 2022 bronze medalist.

ADCC 2022 Superfight Winner

Gordon Ryan won the 2022 ADCC Super fight by deafening Andre Galvao via RNC submission 4 minutes from the bout’s end.

Women -60kg Results

Quarterfinals Results (W -60kg)

  • Bia Basilio took out Julia Maele by a rear naked choke.
  • Elvira Karppinen lost against Brianna Ste-Marie by points 3-0.
  • Ffion Davies dominated Adele Fornarino via rear naked choke.
  • Bia Mesquita took out Mayssa Bastos.

Semi-finals (W -60kg)

  • Bia Basilio vs. Brianna Ste-Marie

Brianna Ste-Marie took out Bia Basilio.

  • Ffion Davies vs. Bia Mesquita

Ffion Davies defeated Bia Mesquitaby points 6-0.

3rd Place (W -60kg)

  • Bia Basilio vs. Bia Mesquita

Bia Mesquita defeated Bia Basilio via RNC choke to become the women -60kg ADCC World 2022 bronze medalist.

Final (W -60kg)

  • Ffion Davies Vs. Brianna Ste-Marie

Ffion Davies dominated Brianna Ste-Marie by her massive pressure from the top. Then, three minutes from the bout’s end, Ffion submits Brianna using an RNC choke.

Therefore, Ffion Davies is the new women’s -60kg World ADCC 2022 champion. 

Women +60kg Results

Quarterfinals Results (W +60kg)

  • Gabi Garcia took out Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths by an armbar submission.
  • Amy Campo conquered Elizabeth Clay by point 3-0 after mounting over Clay.
  • Eleftheria Christodolou lost against Rafaela Guedes by points 2-0.
  • Giovanna Jara lost against Kendall Reusing via guillotine choke.

Semi-finals (W +60kg)

  • Gabi Garcia vs. Amy Campo

Amy Campo outclassed Gabi Garcia in a great fight and moved to the final.

  • Rafaela Guedes vs. Kendall Reusing

Rafaela Guedes got the pass to the final by defeating Kendall Reusing via submission.

3rd Place(W +60kg)

  • Gabi Garcia vs. Kendall Reusing

Gabi Garcia won the women’s +60kg World ADCC 2022 bronze medal by outclassing Kendall Reusing.

Finals (W +60kg)

  • Rafaela Guedes vs. Amy Campo

Amy Campo won Rafaela Guedes by points 3-2 after a late back take. So, she becomes the new women’s +60kg World ADCC 2022 champion

ADCC World Championship 2022 Competitors

2022 adcc world championship

Even the greatest legends of the grappling scene might have difficulty qualifying for the prestigious ADCC World Championship.

There will be 97 fighters – 16 women and 81 men—three ways to earn your spot in the ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship 2022.

Many high-level athletes are booked for this event, but this is not the final list. As you know, it is headlined by the super bout between Andre Galvao (ADCC superfight champion) and Gordon Ryan (2019 absolute champion).

Here’s a look at the 2022 ADCC World Championship brackets by weight divisions.

Source: FloGrappling

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Men –66kg (16/16)

Source: FloGrappling

  • 1st European Trials Winner: Ashley Williams (Draigh)
  • 2nd European Trials Winner: Sam McNally (East Coast Jiu-JItsu)
  • 1st North American Trials Winner: Cole Abate (Art Of Jiu-Jitsu)
  • 2nd North American Trials Winner: Keith Krikorian (10th Planet)
  • 1st South American Trials Winner: Diogo Reis (Fight Sports)
  • 2nd South American Trials Winner: Fabricio Andrey (Fight Sports)
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Jeremy Skinner
  • Invited: Kennedy Maciel (Alliance)
  • Invited: Gabriel Sousa (Zr Team)
  • Invited: Ethan Crelinsten (B-Team)
  • Invited: Geo Martinez (10th Planet)
  • Invited: Diego “Pato” Oliveira (Dream Art)
  • Invited: Ruan Alvarenga (Alliance)
  • Invited: AJ Agazarm
  • Invited: Joshua Cisneros (Ares BJJ)
  • Invited: Garry Tonon (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu)

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Men -77kg  (16/16)

Source: FloGrappling

  • Returning champion: JT Torres (Atos)
  • 2nd European Trials Winner: Tommy Langaker
  • 1st European Trials Winner: Oliver Taza (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu)
  • 1st North American Trials Winner: Kade Ruotolo (Atos)
  • 2nd North American Trials Winner: William Tackett (Checkmat)
  • 1st South American Trials Winner: Micael Galvao (Fight Sports)
  • 2nd South American Trials Winner: Roberto Jimenez
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Kenta Iwamoto
  • Invited: Lachlan Giles (Absolute MMA)
  • Invited: Davi Ramos (Atos)
  • Invited: Magid Hage (Surfight)
  • Invited: Nicky Ryan (B-Team)
  • Invited: Dante Leon (Pedigo Submission Fighting)
  • Invited: Renato Canuto (Checkmat)
  • Invited: PJ Barch (10th Planet)
  • Invited: Andy Varela (10th Planet)

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Men -88kg (16/16)

Source: FloGrappling

  • Returning champion: Matheus Diniz (Alliance)
  • 2nd European Trials Winner: Santeri Ilius
  • 1st European Trials Winner: Eoghan O’Flanagan
  • 1st North American Trials Winner: Giancarlo Bodoni (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu)
  • 1st North American Trials Winner (qualified at -99kg): Mason Fowler (Brasa CTA)
  • 2nd North American Trials Winner: Jay Rodriguez (B-Team)
  • 1st South American Trials Winner: Isaque Bahiense (Dream Art)
  • 2nd South American Trials Winner: Alexandre De Jesus “Robinho”
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Roberto Dib Frias
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner (qualified at -99kg): Izaak Michell (B-Team)
  • Invited: Xande Ribeiro (Six Blades)
  • Invited: Josh Hinger (Atos)
  • Invited: Tye Ruotolo (Atos)
  • Invited: Vagner Rocha (Fight Sports)
  • Invited: Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa (Atos)
  • Invited: Pedro Marinho (Gracie Barra)

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Men -99kg (16/16)

  • 1st European Trials Winner: Perttu Tepponen
  • 2nd European Trials Winner: Luke Griffith (New Wave)
  • 2nd North American Trials Winner: Paul Ardila-Ibarra (Jucao)
  • 1st South American Trials Winner: Joao Costa (Fight Sports)
  • 2nd South American Trials Winner: Henrique Ceconi
  • 2nd North American Trials Winner: Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) (dropped from +99kg)
  • Invited: Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira (Alliance)
  • Invited: Rafael Lovato Jr. (Six Blades)
  • Returning champion: Kaynan Duarte (Atos)
  • Invited: Yuri Simoes (Brasa CTA)
  • Invited: Patrick Gaudio (GF Team)
  • Invited: Nicholas Meregali (Dream Art)
  • Invited: Elder Cruz (Checkmat)
  • Invited: Craig Jones (B-Team)
  • Invited: Devhonte Johnson (Unity)
  • Invited: Lucas Lira

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Men +99kg (16/16)

Source: FloGrappling

  • 1st European Trials Winner: Heikki Jussila
  • 2nd European Trials Winner: Dan Manasoiu (New Wave)
  • 1st North American Trials Winner: John Hansen (Pedigo Submission Fighting)
  • 1st South American Trials Winner: Roosevelt Sousa (Fight Sports)
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Josh Saunders
  • Returning champion: Gordon Ryan (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Invited: Nick Rodriguez (B-Team)
  • Invited: Felipe Pena (Gracie Barra)
  • Invited: Joao Gabriel Rocha (Alliance)
  • Invited: Victor Hugo (Six Blades)
  • Invited: Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Fight Sports)
  • Invited: Haisam Rida (Assembly Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Invited: Orlando Sanchez (Gracie Barra)
  • Invited: Vinny Magalhaes (10th Planet)
  • Invited: Max Gimenis (GF Team)
  • Invited: Damon Ramos (Renzo Gracie)

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Women’s -60kg (8/8)

  • Returning champion: Bianca Basilio (Atos)
  • Invited: Beatriz Mesquita
  • Invited: Ffion Davies
  • Invited: Elvira Karppinen (10th Planet)
  • American Trials Winner: Brianna Ste-Marie (Brazilian Top Team)
  • South American Trials Winner: Mayssa Bastos (Unity)
  • European Trials Winner: Julia Maele
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Adele Fornarino

2022 ADCC World Competitors: Women’s +60kg (8/8)

  • Returning champion: Gabi Garcia (Alliance)
  • South American Trials Winner: Giovanna Jara (Dream Art)
  • American Trials Winner: Amy Campo (Zenith)
  • European Trials Winner: Eleftheria Christodolou
  • Invited: Rafaela Guedes (Atos)
  • Invited: Elisabeth Clay (Ares BJJ)
  • Invited: Kendall Reusing (Gracie Barra)
  • Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths

What Does ADCC Stand for in Grappling?

The ADCC is an abbreviation for Abu Dhabi Combat Club. It is a submission-fighting world championship first held in Abu Dhabi.

However, it was later hosted in other countries, including Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship is a grappling competition featuring the world’s best grappler athletes.

As a result, it is regarded as the most prestigious submission grappling combat sports competition that forbids strikes and encourages grappling and submissions.

ADCC World Championship Qualification Process

Competitors must defeat their foes first in continental qualifying events (known under the name ADCC trials) to unlock access to the legendary ADCC event.

The second way is to get an invitation from the ADCC organization. Again, you can be a celebrity or an athlete with a lot of success, but it is not mandatory.

The third way is to earn the automatic qualification by winning the medal in the previous World Championships or participating as the former ADCC division title holder.

Otherwise, In the 2022 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, many athletes will make their first ADCC appearance on September 17th-18th.

2022 ADCC World Championship Male/Female Weight Divisions 

Each male divisions contain sixteen fighters – eight qualifiers, seven invitations, and the reigning defending ADCC champion.

However, this is not the strict rule because the returning champion or a trial winner (even an invitee) has the right to change the weight class.

There are only five professional male weight classes: -65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg. This is the place for the best of the best grappling phenoms.

When it comes to women’s divisions, the story’s a bit different. Only eight competitors per weight class will be able to visit “The Sin City” and compete on September 17th-18th – the defending ADCC champ, three invitees, and four athletes through qualifications.

This means the following – female winners of North And South American 2nd Trial, Asia & Oceania Trial, or European Qualifier gets the opportunity to grapple in Thomas & Mack Center.

Only two professional female weight classes are -60 kg and +60 kg. This event reminds me of a potential Olympic Grappling Tournament (unfortunately, grappling’s not the Olympic sport yet, but let’s hope it will change in the years to come).

ADCC World Championship Rule Set

adcc world championship

Aside from other BJJ grappling tournaments, ADDC rules are a bit more liberal. For example, the referee will tolerate a slam if you’re trapped in a submission. However, if your opponent lets it go, you must forget about the slam, or the referee will sanction you.

You can win via any choke, but your hand mustn’t close the windpipe. Arm bars, shoulder locks, and wrist locks are perfectly legal.

In addition, all kinds of leg locks are allowed (heel hooks are also permitted, among the most compelling submissions in BJJ).

Yet, some rules are kinda controversial. For example, you mustn’t front roll when the opponent is on your back, nor lock your opponent into “full Nelson” or crucifix.

Interestingly, crossface guillotine twisting the chin is also prohibited (it is way more dangerous than, for example, a crucifix trap).

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How Do a Competitor Will an ADCC Match?

adcc world championship

An ADCC competitor is declared the winner if he arrives to tap out his opponent. However, if the submission does not occur during the fight, the winner will be determined according to the scored points or the judge’s decision when there is equality.

The following is the ADCC scoring points system, the actions that give competitors points:

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The ADCC Submission Fighting Championship in 2022 will be fantastic, as it always is. There will be many prestigious fights, including the super fight Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao, which will excite the audience and increase their adrenaline.

ADCC Submission Fighting Championship didn’t take place in 2021, but postponement should lead to even greater desire and better fights. The best of the best grapplers are coming to Las Vegas to show us the greatest shrimps, sweeps, transitions, submission switches, and superb finishes and evades!

The superstars of the grappling scene will keep you entertained; this event is worth it! Buy a seat, or if you can’t travel, don’t forget to download your FloGrappling app and enjoy the most excellent grappling events; click here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

adcc world championship 2022

Where Will the ADCC 2022 Be Held?

The ADCC World Championship 2022 will take place at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Where Can I Watch ADCC World 2022?

The ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship 2022 will be streamed live on FloGrappling. In addition, it will also be available on the FloSports app for iOS and Android.

When Will ADCC World 2022 Take Place?

The upcoming ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship 2022 will occur on September 17th and 18th, 2022. It was initially scheduled for 2021, but due to global travel restrictions caused by CoVid-19, it was pushed back to 2022.

Who Has Won the Most ADCC World Championships?

André Galvão currently holds the most ADCC World Championship titles. He has won six ADCC World Championships, including four super fights.

Who Won the Previous ADCC Championships?

Augusto Mendes, JT Torres, Matheus Diniz, Gordon Ryan, and Kaynan Duarte were the ADCC 2019 male weight class winners. Yet, Bianca Basilio and Gabrielle Garcia were the ADCC 2019 female weight class winners.

The following table represents the ADCC champions since 2013.

Weight Class / Year 2019 2017 2015 2013


-66 kg Augusto Mendes Rubens Charles Rubens Charles Rubens Charles
-77 kg JT Torres JT Torres Davi Ramos Kron Gracie
-88 kg Matheus Diniz Gordon Ryan Yuri Simoes Romulo Barral
-99 kg Gordon Ryan Yuri Simoes Rodolfo Vieira Joao Assis
+99 Kg Kaynan Duarte Marcus Almeida Orlando Sanchez Marcus Almeida
Absolute Gordon Ryan Felipe Pena Claudio Calasans Roberto Abreu
Women -60 kg Bianca Basilio Beatriz Mesquita Mackenzie Dern Michelle Nicolini
+60 kg Gabrielle Garcia Gabrielle Garcia Ana Laura Cordeiro Gabrielle Garcia


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