9 Excellent Half Guard Sweeps You May Not Know

Coyote Half Guard Sweep

The coyote half-guard sweep is considered to be one of the best sweeps in jiu-jitsu Gi No-Gi, and for good reason.

It is possible to perform it from the coyote half-guard position. So, what is a coyote half guard, and how does it work?

The coyote half guard, which was developed by Lucas Leite Jiu-Jitsu, is a significant departure from the traditional half guard in BJJ martial arts.

It will assist you in defeating larger opponents in normal sparring as well as in top-level jiu-jitsu competitions such as the Rio Olympics.

The Coyote Half Guard position of Lucas Leite necessitates the proper management of the opponent’s hands and legs.

These factors will assist you in creating distance between you and your opponent.

As well as determining how successful you will execute Coyote Half Guard techniques, such as sweeps, submissions, and variations, on your opponent.

Here are some excellent steps to follow in order to execute the coyote half-guard sweep.

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

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Half Guard Scissor Sweep

When it comes to BJJ Gi No-Gi Grappling, the scissor sweep is one of the first sweeps that are taught.

It’s a fantastic technique that can be performed from the closed guard, half guard, or other positions.

The wonderful part about the scissor sweep is that it’s frequently utilized by both white belts and advanced fighters due to its efficacy.

So, what are the essential factors of performing a good scissor sweep in BJJ and MMA competitions?

The scissor sweep necessitates only that you manage your opponent’s weight and posture in the appropriate manner.

As a result, you must establish solid grips in your opponent’s body and use your legs in the proper manner.

Take a look at the video below for the complete scissor sweep from the half guard setup.

Source: Alberto Serrano BJJ

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